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First Community Church in Columbus, Ohio, is seeking an energetic, innovative and spiritually mature leader to serve as its new Senior Minister. The successful candidate will enable the congregation to identify with Jesus Christ and establish and maintain a caring and supportive community, which allows individuals to grow in their faith. Consulting with the Governing Board, the Senior Minister will lead the staff of approximately 75 people over multiple campuses to fulfill the goals of the congregation. First Community Church is financially stable and poised for growth. This is an exciting and unique opportunity for the right individual.


In a recent survey, over 550 of our church members shared these Top 3 Attributes for the spiritual leader we seek for our faith community:

Dynamic Preacher — an inspiring speaker with a gift for sharing God’s love and engaging the minds and hearts of our community, near and far.

Pastor — a loving and faithful spiritual guide who desires to build authentic relationships, care for those in need, and lead faith development.

Organizational Leader — a visionary leader with a history of effective organizational
leadership and management, development of a staff, fundraising acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as experience growing a ministry in a changing non-profit climate.


We believe that the life and teaching of Jesus Christ reveals God’s love at work in the human family and the natural world around us. We follow the way of Jesus while recognizing that there are other paths to God. We invite people to join wherever they are on their faith journey and agree to grow, serve and deepen their beliefs as part of our spiritual community. We are led by a dynamic force that we call the Holy Spirit, that presides in all of our life experiences. We have strong traditions of embracing questions rather than declaring answers. We are constantly seeking creative ways to live out what we learn through our faith explorations – agreeing to differ, uniting to serve and resolving to love.


We are looking for a Senior Minister who is open to creative ways that allow for diversity of expression while uniting us in our common mission and vision. How will we best be able to be fed through worship, study and fellowship in order to be most effective in serving our world as one family with divergent views?

1. Maintaining what we have / building what we need:
With four campuses (North Campus, South Campus, Camp Akita and Media), capital projects are underway to ensure our facilities are safe and accessible to all. Master plans have been created for all of the FCC’s campuses as well as ensuring the ministries and missions of the church. An estimated $15 million will be reinvested to ensure growth; we began the all-member campaign the end of February 2016, with approximately 70% of our funding goal committed. We seek a leader who has proven success in understanding and operating the finances of a church.

2. Building one family across multiple campuses:
First Community Church has a strong history of welcoming diverse approaches to worship, expressions, and exploration of our Christian faith. We believe that ALL persons are included in Jesus’ message of love. We have a unique culture in that we enjoy worshiping in two separate locations, through media, and have an outdoor ministry at Camp Akita.

We recognize the importance of each member feeling part of “the church family” and are implementing an engagement plan that focuses on five elements:
(1) I belong;
(2) I make a difference;
(3) I am receiving;
(4) I am growing; and
(5) I am recognized and appreciated.

The plan enables opportunities for the congregation and staff to work together to build more member-engagement. Our Senior
Minister must want to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and engaged. We seek a Senior Minister who is excited by a broad range of possibilities and opinions and who embraces God’s mysterious and ongoing creative presence in all endeavors.

3. Continued focus on sharing our many gifts with our church, our community and our world:
Service to the poor and those in need can be transforming for the giver as well as for the receiver. The Christian life is not only about personal transformation, but about societal change as well.  – Rev Jim Long

Our congregational gifts are widespread and divergent. We seek ways of connecting each member to places and issues that reflect their own understanding of God’s uses of their best gifts. The financial base is very strong. We are meeting our annual revenue goals including pledges and other income and finished 2015 in the black thanks to congregation and foundation support.
We’re operating with no debt. Our active Stewardship committee with seventeen members (5 staff) is working diligently to improve our Stewardship education while managing annual giving. We continue to reflect on biblical references that might help us find a reliable model for sharing our resources and continuing the success of our church. We seek a leader who embraces innovative programs and creating opportunities that sustain growth and mission work God has asked us to accomplish.

4. Focus and development of our youth program, increasing participation and involvement:
Our early childhood program focuses on child and parent development. Our K-5 ministry includes Sunday school, missions activities and special youth milestone ceremonies.

Middle and high school activities include Sunday evening classes and social events, local and international mission activities, youth retreats, fellowship and special youth worship. High school youth are encouraged to explore and define their faith through our unique four-year spiritual development program.

Camp Akita provides a unique venue for both outreach and growth. Each year this outdoor ministry hosts over 2000 elementary, middle school and high school aged campers for outdoor experiences and learn about God.

It is our hope that the youth program will continue to evolve and create opportunities for connections both online and face-to-face. We seek a Senior Minister who is excited by youth spiritual development and who will continue to build on this important ministry.

2015 Congregational Highlights:
2,846 average monthly attendance
$4,717,049 operating budget
99 new members
88 youth participated in mission work
115,798 meals were served to families in need
500+ active participants in our Spiritual Searchers program and adult learning

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